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Crimson (35) vs Stillwater (0)


Pardon the blurry pictures please - new camera.  I will have it all sorted out by the next game!


Team Captains, Al Jamal and Mack                            Getting psyched up for the game


Getting ready to take the field                                            Trying to recover the kick


Justin scores                                                            Waiting for the snap



                                                                                    Larry makes a great tackle


Garron makes a great tackle                                     Kyle tries to block for Justin


Justin scores                                                            The offensive line


Allen scores                                                                Conner signals Jon




Our Chain Crew                                                            Our AWESOME Fans!

AND... the Union Black Cheer Squad for cheering us on to victory and  especially the delicious candy they gave us after the game!  THANKS GIRLS!

And to Hideaway Pizza in Stillwater for the delicious pizza after the game...




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