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Class of 2013



There's no substitute for guts.  ~Paul Bear Bryant




2007 Team Roster

(Parents, some of the boys are a little camera shy - 

I'll keep trying to get shots of them all the way to the end of the season!)






Dalton Rodriguez

Dalton has been with Crimson since it's first year, back in 3rd grade.






Connor Nelson

Connor has been on Crimson since 3rd grade, and before that, played Union Mighty Might football  two years with the Super Bowl Champion team, the Raiders.





Broc Smith

Broc has been wtih Crimson since 3rd grade.  He played Union Mighty Might football with the Cowboys in 1st and 2nd grades.




Kyle Reynolds

Kyle has been with Crimson since 3rd grade.  His interest in football began in 2nd grade, when he would hang out at Broc's practices and watch him play.




Kyle Roberts

Kyle has been with Crimson since 3rd grade.  He played Mighty Might football in 1st and 2nd grades.





Jon Shahbandeh

Jon has been a Crimson player since 3rd grade and has been kicking our PAT's since 4th grade.  He is currently under the instruction of former University of Oklahoma and Miami Dolphins kicker, Uve von Schamann.





Robert Taylor

Robert has played for Crimson since 3rd grade.






Garron President

Garron has been with Crimson since 3rd grade.







Bryce Starks

Bryce joined Crimson in 4th grade, after winning several events in the 3rd Grade Union Track Meet.






Justin Silmon

Justin, who is playing up one year, has been with Crimson since our 5th grade season.






Alex Swain

Alex joined Crimson during our 5th grade year.






Cole Ward

Cole joined Crimson in 5th grade after moving to the Tulsa area from Guthrie.  His dad had coached him in football when he lived in Guthrie.






Brady Goforth

Brady joined Crimson in his 6th grade year. Prior to that, he played flag football in 1st and 2nd grades, and played on Union Black in 3rd grade.







Al Jamal Muse

Al Jamal joined the team in 6th grade. 






Allen Johnson

Allen joined Crimson in 6th grade.






Larry Hansard

Larry joined Crimson in 6th grade.





Kendall Holmes

Kendall joined Crimson this year.





Blake Mejia

Blake joined Crimson this year.




Justin Allison

Justin joined Crimson this year.




Marcus Woolridge

Marcus joined Crimson this year.




Marquice Fletcher

Marquice joined Crimson this year.  He played football with East Tulsa in 5th grade.



Gage Savage

Gage joined Crimson this year.






Devin Moore

Devin joined Crimson this year.




Johnathen Marek

Johnathen joined Crimson this year.



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